Extreme Off-road driving calls for a tough tyre – and with the Trepador, you'll get easy handling even in rough and rocky terrain. This puncture-resistant tyre gives you durability and control in any weather, while still providing excellent braking and driving performance.


Aggressive directional tread design provides excellent dry and wet handling stability on all types of terrain

Multi-curve tread siping improves traction on loose dirt while enhancing braking and driving performance

Nylon belt reinforced tyre construction improves puncture resistance and prolongs tread life

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Tyre Size Load/Speed Rating Ply Rating Rim width OD mm
37 x 12.50-16  120L 8PR (Bias) 8.50 - 11.00 940
37 x 12.50-17 124L 10PR (Bias) 8.50 - 13.00 940
37 x 12.50-17   124L 10PR (Bias) 8.50 - 13.00 940
40 x 13.50-17   123L 8PR (Bias) 11.00 - 13.00 959


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