· Double steel-belted construction for long lasting wear and uniformity.

· Jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap for added strength and stability.

· Rib-type tread design with deep shoulder grooves and extensive sipes provides all season capability.

· Wide contact patch with continuous shoulder ribs provide smooth, even tread wear and increased tread life.


Tire Size Overall Diameter
Section Width
Max. Infl. Pressure
Max. Load
Meas. Rim Width



Tread depth


195/75R16C 110/108N 10PR 582/22.91 154/6.06     4.5 BSW 8.4/11
155R12C 88/86N 8PR         4.5 BSW  
155R13C 91/89N 8PR 582/22.91 154/6.06 350/51 S615/D580 S1355/D 1280 4.5 BSW 8.4/11
165R13C 94/92R 8PR 598/23.54 163/6.42 450/65 S670/D630      S1475/D1390 4.5 BSW 8.7/11
185R14C 102/100R 8PR 652/25.67 187/7.36 450/65 S850/D800
5.5 BSW 9.3/12
195R14C 106/104R 8PR 667/26.26 201/7.91 350/50 690/1520 7.0 BSW 9.6/12
195R15C 109/107Q 8PR     350/50 690/1520 7.0 BSW  
205R14C 106/104R 8PR     350/50 690/1520 7.0 BSW  



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