· Special tread compound promotes good abrasion resistance and extends the tire mileage.

· Ultra reinforced carcass structure for increased durability.

· Outstanding off-road performance.

· Excellent traction.


Tire Size

Overall Diam.


Section Width


Maximum Inflation Pressure

Max Load


Meas. Rim Width
Side Wall

Tread Depth


10.00-20 1068/42.0 280/11.0 775/110



7.50 - 21.1/26.6
11.00-20 1099/43.3 300/11.8 775/110



8.00 - 22.5/28.3



گارانتی لاستیک ها

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ارسال لاستیک ها

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مشاوره تلفنی

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